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    RCSEd/CSHK Conjoint Scientific Congress 2019

    Dear Fellows, Members and Trainees,


    Conjoint Scientific Congress 2019

    “Advances & Innovations in Surgery”

    21 – 22 September 2019

    The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong are pleased to present the Conjoint Scientific Congress to be held on 21 – 22 September 2019 at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building, 99 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. With the theme “Advances & Innovations in Surgery”, the Congress will consist of keynote lectures, symposia, oral free paper, motion picture, and poster sessions.

    Distinguished speakers from various specialties would be invited to share with us their expertise. The guidelines for abstract and surgical grand round case submission are described in the enclosed leaflet. Online submission is now opened and available through the Congress website. For details, please visit: https://csc.cshk.org.

    Please note that online registration for the Congress opens on 17 May 2019. Your participation will be much appreciated and we hope that you will pencil mark this event into your diary.

    For enquiries on the Congress, please feel free to contact Miss Ariel LAM at 2871 8825 or Miss Charis CHUNG at 2871 8774, or via csc@cshk.org .

    We look forward to seeing you at the Congress!

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr Judy EVANS                                              Prof. Kent-man CHU

    Co-Chairlady                                                  Co-Chairman

    Scientific Committee                                      Scientific Committee

    RCSEd/CSHK CSC 2019                              RCSEd/CSHK CSC 2019


    Congress Website: https://csc.cshk.org

    Supplementary Documents



    21 - 22 September 2019


    21 Sep 8:30am-5:30pm, 22 Sep 8:00am-1:15pm

    Deadline for