• Part 1 and 2 Examination

    Parts 1 and 2 are multiple choice papers. Part 1 paper tests on Applied Basic Science of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Part 2 paper tests on knowledge of Clinical Problem Solving. Both MCQ papers may be taken at any time after possessing a primary medical qualification from Medical School in Hong Kong or other qualification which deemed equivalent by HKICBSC. Mainland China trainees from Mainland China training centres accredited by the constituent Colleges of HKICBSC (provided that they undergo such training at the time of or after the relevant accreditation) are also eligible to enter the Examination. Each paper stands alone; candidates will be awarded either a pass or fail. Candidates must start Basic Surgical Training within 3 years after passing the Parts 1 or 2, whichever is taken the latest, otherwise candidates have to retake the examinations before they are eligible to take the Part 3 Examination. Both papers must be passed before candidates may enter the Part 3 Examination.

    Examination Title The Hong Kong Intercollegiate Board of Surgical Colleges Membership Examinations Part 1 and 2
    Date 14 and 15 June 2022 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
    Open application date 23 December 2021 (Thursday)
    Close application date 20 January 2022 (Thursday)
    Examination Fee MHKICBSC Examination Part 1 HK$7,900.00*
    MHKICBSC Examination Part 2 HK$8,400.00*

    *Payment must be made in full by cheque made payable to: "The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong Ltd."

    1) Late applications or incomplete applications (including insufficient postage) for admission will not be considered. No allowance will be made for postal or other delays.

    2) A processing fee HKD$395 for Part 1 and HKD$420 for Part 2 will be charged respectively for any unsuccessful application, including incomplete application.


    For enquiries, please contact us at 2871 8799, or email: info@cshk.org.

    Eligibility for applying the exam
    Reference textbook for Part 1 & 2 Exam
    Sample Questions of Part 1 & Part 2 Papers
    Examination Complaints and Appeals Procedures

    Examination Title MHKICBSC Examination Part 1 and 2 (Results)
    Appeal Procedures of Examination Scores Request for re-check of examination scores in MHKICBSC (Part 1 - 3) Examination

    As resolved by the Hong Kong Intercollegiate Board of Surgical Colleges Council on 11 March 2011, candidates requesting for a re-check of their scores in Part 1 to Part 3 of the MHKICBSC Examination must submit a written request to the Chairman of the Examination Committee via the College Secretariat at 601, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building, 99 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. The written request must REACH the College Secretariat within 14 days after the publication of results and together with a cheque of HK$1,000* payable to "The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong Limited" being the processing fee for the re-check. The processing fee will be refunded to the candidate, should an error on the part of the College be subsequently identified.

    * The processing fee is meant for each part of the examination.