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  • CME for Surgical Trainees

    Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programme for Surgical Trainees

    The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong undertakes CME administration for our trainees and reports their compliance to the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.

    Guidelines for Higher Surgical Trainees

    1. Each CME cycle is one year.
    2. The Cycle starts on 1 January or 1 July of every year.
    3. A new cycle commences at the conclusion of the previous cycle.
    4. Trainees do not fulfill the CME requirements will constitute grounds for disqualification of the previous 6-month training period.

    CME Points Allocation

    1. The CME system shall be based on the accrual of CME points.
    2. A minimum of 30 points per year is required and composes of the followings (i & ii):

      i. A maximum accrued CME points for Category 1 per year is 20 points.
      ii. A minimum accrued CME points for National/International Scientific Meetings of Category 2 per year is 10 points.

    3. Allocation of CME points from Category 1 and 2 are as below:

      i. Category 1

      In-hospital Meetings

      One CME point is awarded for each hour of in-hospital meeting.


      For the purpose of CME/CPD points, only publications in fields related to surgery shall count.

      ·         A publication shall accrue CME/CPD points at the time the material is accepted for publication (letter of acceptance should be submitted for proof) or is published (reprints should be submitted).

      ·         A maximum of 10 CME/CPD points (active) may be awarded to thesis, books, chapters in books, original articles in Index Medicus listed journals or journals published by the HKAM or its constituent Colleges.

      ·         A maximum of 5 CME/CPD points (active) may be awarded to Short Communications (for example surgical technique, Letters to the Editor) in Index Medicus listed journals or journals published by the HKAM or its constituent Colleges.

      ·         No other publication will be awarded any CME/CPD points unless approval has been obtained from the CSHK prior to publication.

      ·         The same CME/CPD points (active) will be awarded to anyone of the individual authors in the publication as CME/CPD encourages involvement and it is by no means an academic assessment.

      · Abstracts that have been presented at a FCAPM will not be awarded with dual CME/CPD accreditation.


      · A research activity/investigation studies shall accrue CME/CPD points at the time the project is completed with an output. Mandatory research project submitted by Higher Trainees within the four years of higher training will not be awarded with CME/CPD accreditation.

      ·         A maximum 10 points (active) may be awarded per published paper with the submission of a copy of the paper.

      ·         A maximum of 5 points (active) may be awarded per poster with the submission with a copy of the output.

      ·         Studying in postgraduate degree could be considered accreditable on submission with the documentation proof.  Points awarded will be determined from case to case.

      ii.Category 2

      National/International Scientific Meetings (Accrue a minimum of 10 points per year)

      Conferences held outside the parent hospital. (e.g. the College’s Annual Scientific Meetings, local and overseas scientific meetings)

          a. Participation as Speaker/ Presenter
          - 6 CME points per presentation and up to 12 points for any one meeting.
          b. Participation as Moderator/ Chairman/ Panelist
          - 3 CME points per hour and up to 6 points for any one meeting.
          c. Participation as attendees
          - 1 CME point is awarded for each hour and up to a maximum of 6 points per day up to three day per meeting.

    Documentation Proof

    Each trainee is responsible to record his/her CME activities during the current training period. A form for reporting CME activities can be obtained from the College to record the required information. Trainees must submit the completed form together with the Mentor Assessment Form half yearly in every January and July to the respective Specialty Boards through their Supervisor.

    Guidelines for Basic Surgical Trainees

    Member Colleges may reciprocally recognize individual College’s credit point system in the course of elective training. Basic trainees admitted from 1 January 2022 onward are required to gain 15 CME points per half year from the following activities held within the period of a CME cycle:

    a. In-hospital meetings / Instructional Courses.
    b. National/ International Meetings.
    c. Basic trainees are encouraged to participate in investigation studies / research activities.

    Forms for download Please click to download
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